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Sprout Caps!

Newly Sprouted!

Fresh & Sweet!

Photosynthesize! Grow big and strong!

Made of 100% cotton, every hat features a cute and study seedling sprouting from the top of the cap! Adorning the back is the Maobaby logo, beautifully embroidered above a velcro enclosure. Enlarge or tighten the hat for the perfect fit.

The Colours

Sprout caps are currently available in five colours: Pink Berry, Sunshine Yellow, Sky Blue, Night Black, and Marshmallow White.

Shipping Date

Please note that the Sprout Caps are on preorder until August 3. Hats are made to order and will not be shipped immediately. All hats are expected to be shipped in October 2019.

If you need to change your shipping address before the hats go out, please email me with your order number at maobabyart@gmail.com.