Sprout Baseball Cap (Preorder ships October 2019)

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Preorder and Shipping Date

Please note that the Sprout Caps are on preorder until August 3. Hats are made to order and will not be shipped immediately. All hats are expected to be shipped in October 2019. I have added buffer time to the shipping date in the case of unexpected events, but delays may happen.

If you need to change your shipping address before the hats go out, please email me with your order number anytime at maobabyart@gmail.com. 

About Sprout Caps!

Made of 100% cotton, every hat features a cute and study seedling sprouting from the top of the cap! Adorning the back is the Maobaby logo, beautifully embroidered above a velcro enclosure. 

Sprout Caps are sized for adults and have a circumference of 56 cm with the velcro closed. Enlarge or tighten the hat by adjusting the velcro enclosure.

Should I get Tracked or Non-Tracked Shipping?

I offer both tracked and non-tracked shipping as per the requests of many of my customers. I recommend tracked shipping in every situation. You may select non-tracked shipping at your own risk, as I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages that are not tracked.